17th February 2020

Power and Heating Solutions Ltd.

New oil storage tank and base

We installed a new bunded oil storage tank on a new base, the oil line is installed in a duct to protect it.

A new low profile oil storage tank

We removed the old damaged oil storage tank and base, we then supplied and relocated a new low level oil storage tank on a new base.

A low profile 1200L oil storage tank and a new base
A replacement oil storage tank and base

Firebird C26 combi oil boiler

A new Worcester 2000

A new Worcester Bosch 2000 combi gas boiler replacing an old Ideal boiler in the airing cupboard.

Worcester Bosch 2000 combi boiler

Worcester Bosch gas Boiler

Just unloading a Worcester Bosch gas combi boiler that’s replacing an old Ideal boiler

Oil boiler service

Nozzle, hose and filter changed. Boiler stripped, cleaned and reassembled.

Oil boiler service

Worcester Bosch registered company

We completed the Worcester Registered Installers programme today, this means that we can give the Worcester guarantee on our Worcester Bosch oil boiler installations

Oil boiler service

Servicing a Firebird oil combi boiler

Oil combi boiler service

Out of oil

If you run out of oil, give us a call and we’ll get your boiler running again

Suction pumping the oil back to the boiler.

Fire rated oil storage tank

We removed the old oil storage tank, installed a new fire rated tank, transferred the remaining oil and repiped the boiler

Tiger Loop

New Tiger loop

A new tiger loop (deaerator) and new pipework

Pipework update

A new Isolation valve, filter and fire valve

Firebird external combi

We asked to move an existing Firebird combi boiler, we asked Firebird if they could do a bespoke flue for the job and as usual they said yes. We now have a boiler with the flue existing through the top of the case so we could fit it in a confined space.

A new oil storage tank and base

The old oil tank was showing signs of wear so we were asked to supply and install a new tank and base, we ran in a new oil line and fittings back to the boiler.

A new oil storage tank and base.

Grant oil boiler

We removed a Worcester through the wall oil boiler and installed a Grant wall hung oil boiler, we then updated the oil supply and fittings

The old Worcester oil boiler
The new Grant wall hung boiler
The updated pipework and new Grant flue
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