Oil Storage Tanks and Bases

Oil Storage Tanks

The oil storage tank is probably the most neglected part of the oil system, it’s outside and subject to all of the elements. 

In the past a lot of tanks were installed incorrectly, which puts them in situations that could do damage to the tank and the surrounding area. whether that is fire or from spillage of kerosine.

We as a company only supply and install bunded tanks as these give extra protection to the environment from an oil spill.

New Storage Tanks

Low profile Tank

Bunded tank

Standard round Tank

Bunded Tank

Slimline Tank

Bunded Tank

Tank issues


Environmental risk

Tank not properly supported

Environmental risk

Leaking or corroded

Environmental risk

To close to an opening in a building

a window or door. fire risk

To close to the eaves of a building

Fire risk

To close to flammable materials

Fire risk