Oil Boiler Servicing

Power and Heating Solutions are based in Newcastle under Lyme, and operate throughout Staffordshire, Shropshire, Derbyshire & Cheshire. We provide the highest quality boiler servicing & maintenance to provide you with heating and hot water throughout the year. A boiler service is essential to keep your boiler in tip top condition and working efficiently.

One of the biggest investments in a home is the boiler and central heating system, so to ensure it’s continued reliability, getting it serviced annually should be a priority,

we specialize in oil boilers and advise our customers to have their boiler serviced once a year, this is for the warranty on a new boiler and continual safe and efficient running of an older boiler

What We Do


We change the nozzle, flexible hose, all the burner seals and oil filter elements as well as a thorough clean


We carry most of the main parts for any oil boiler so can usually repair your boiler in one visit


We install Firebird boilers on which we can give a 10 year warranty through the Firebird VIP scheme.

Parts changed in a standard service.

Lack of servicing causes breakdowns

Boiler stripped and cleaned